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Microarray Data Center Interconnect OFNR

Microarray Data Center Interconnect OFNR

The Microarray Data Center Interconnect Cables from Superior Essex are designed for high performance in a small package. The 2-fiber through 12-fiber premises loose tube interconnect has an outside diameter of only 2 mm or 3 mm. The 24-fiber duplex contains two, 12-fiber 3 mm interconnect cables with an overjacket. The fibers can be fusion spliced, connectorized to high density MTP/MPO mechanical array connectors or attached to standard single ferrule mechanical connectors (LC, SC, ST, etc.) via a furcation kit. The loose fibers are surrounded by aramid yarns and a low smoke PVC (LSPVC) plenum or riser-rated jacket. Its small size allows for denser fiber routing than traditional tight buffered cables; its loose-tube construction gives it superior performance and installation ease compared to ribbon interconnect cable.

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