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Metalleido Composite Panels – which merged into Abet Laminati S.p.a. on 1st January 2015, and is now a division of Abet Group for all purposes – has long been a leader, both nationally and internationally, in the production of composite panels with a honeycomb or Nomex core, and is constantly engaged in researching and developing solutions so it can always offer state-of-the-art products.
Over the years, it has made several investments that have allowed it to be more efficient and closer to the customer’s needs.

Metalleido Composite Panels produces different types of lightweight sandwich panels and its primary objective is the quality of its products, expressed through strict quality control procedures, both on raw materials and on finished products.
ISO 9001 certificate obtained by Abet Laminati S.p.A. has been therefore extended also to Metalleido Division.

The sandwich panels are produced using the aluminium honeycomb technology. They are normally used in the nautical and railway sector and for the production of furniture, partitions, ceilings and floors. The Esacore AL, Esacore AL PU, Esacore AL VP, Esacore AL ST, Esacore STT, Esacore LF and Esacore LEM panels are part of this family.
The MONOCORE® panels are made with the technology of the Metalleido patent, now renewed as Abet Laminati (fibreglass impregnated with phenolic resin). They are mainly used to manufacture ship and boat furniture (partitions, slatted floors in yachts) and especially the floors of railway carriages.
The MONOCORE® 3D, MONOCORE® ST and MONOCORE® 3D FP panels are part of this family.

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