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Environmental Products and Services Ltd


Daily Maintenance Emptying and Cleaning the Collection Container Daily Cleaning the Wiper Blade using Hot Soapy Water Emptying and Cleaning the PreFiltration Collection Basket Daily (Depending on Model) Emptying and Cleaning the Solids Waste Container Daily (Depending on Model) Emptying and Cleaning Inlet Filtration Cylinder Daily (Depending on Model) Completion of Daily Maintenance Checklist and Solid Waste and FOG Removal Waste to be Recorded Each Day. Benefits of Sheduled Mainenance Contracts Eliminate FOG Related Drain Blockages Reduce Costs and Increase Revenues Harvest Sources Of Renewable Energy Help To Produce Biogas and Biodiesel Avoid The Risk Of Prosecution and Fines Reduce Maintenance and Pump-Out Costs of Pump Stations and WWT Plants. Make a Positive Contribution To CSR Objectives Contribute To A Sustainable Working Environment