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Generation 2 LRSS (65W per Shingle)

LRSS 65 - Partial Solar Metal Roof (minimum 65W per shingle, polycrystalline, visible splice plate)

In 2006, when the world was only thinking about traditional rack-and-frame solar... Robert and Gary Allen had something else in mind (lower right). They approached putting solar on the rooftops fundamentally as a roofing technology –not as a solar module trying to be a roof.

Energy. Luma Solar Shingles produce more power than traditional rack–and-frame solar modules because our patented design allows our Solar Shingles to “turn on” faster and “turn off” later –even when using the same type of solar cell.

Elegance. Luma Solar Shingles are beautiful to behold and complement any structure with a sloped roof. Many of our customers look into other solar options for weeks, sometimes months. And, despite more affordable price points with rack and frame modules –most eventually decide that Luma Solar Shingles are the most complimentary to their existing home or structure.

Endurance. Luma Solar Shingles are tough. Some of our Solar Systems have been through major storms, large hail and/or hurricanes and they still produce strong power. Also, technology changes. It gets better, faster and stronger. Luma embraces this inevitability. We can upgrade our solar shingles without changing the entire system. This results in serious peace-of-mind for our customers because they can keep up (or stay ahead) of solar technology trends.