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Low VOC, High Solids Paint: Environmental Epoxy Coating, Non-Toxic Industrial Safe Eco Paint for Metal+, Antirust Durable & Lasting | STEEL-IT®Low VOC, High Solids Paint

Low VOC, High Solids Paint

Heavy-duty, environmentally safe stainless steel epoxy coating Low VOC, High Solids Protective Eco PaintThe STEEL-IT High Solids, High solids Epoxy System is a high-performance, two-coat barrier coating system that complies fully with the latest environmental regulations while maintaining the same high-performance profile and superior application characteristics associated with more traditional STEEL-IT compositions. Free of lead and chromium salt-based pigmentations, the system has VOC levels substantially less than all current regulated thresholds. Both the primer and the finish afford optimal physical properties that improve adhesion and help the system withstand flexing and stretching. The cured film - pigmented with 316L stainless steel flakes for enhanced performance - is highly durable and resistant to the corrosive effects of oils, fats, spilled solvents, solvent fumes, alkalis and many dilute organic and inorganic acids. The system is suitable for use on ferrous and nonferrous substrates.

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