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Lift-Slide and Multi-Slide Doors

Lift-Slide and Multi-Slide Doors

Caoba’s Lift-Slide and Multi-Slide systems provide a dramatic option for a seamless transition from indoor and outdoor living spaces. Both of these systems operate on the same principle of horizontal sliding panels in unlimited configurations and design options.

Rolling hardware represents the primary difference between Lift-Slide and Multi-Slide systems. Where Multi-Slides systems rely on a set of high quality stainless steel rollers and traditional weather stripping, Lift-Slide systems utilize specialized rollers designed to raise and lower each panel for maximum protection against the elements. In the raised position, even the largest panels roll effortlessly on the tracks. When in the lowered position, the panels engage firmly against the weather stripping for outstanding resistance to air and water infiltration.

Lift-Slide and Multi-Slide systems present a staggered or stepped appearance and utilize an interlock system which allows the panels to seal against the weather in the closed position.

Both systems can be operated manually or automatically with a touch pad or remote control. Our Design Dictated Manufacturing® philosophy allows us to manufacture the system to your requirements. From a wide selection of wood species, stile and rail customization, raised panel options and glazing combinations, Caoba has the custom flexibility to meet your design needs.

• Available as a Door or a Window
• Custom stile and rail dimensions
• Flat plane or 90° corners
• Pocketing or non-pocketing
• Panels up to 72″ wide and 144″ tall
• Unlimited configurations
• Multiple threshold options*
• TDL, SDL or combinations of glass and wood panels
• Motorized automation
• ICA factory finish prior to component assembly
• Impact application available
• Multiple screen options
*Please qualify location and overhang protection to asses potential weather exposure and sill selection.

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