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LiFT 2x2 LED Powered by BIOSLiFT 2x2 LED Powered by BIOS

LiFT 2x2 LED Powered by BIOS

(CS) in a desirable color temperature, all in the clean, modern look of Pinnacle fixtures. SkyBlue™ technology infuses critical sky-blue spectrum important for circadian regulation Ideal spectrum for daytime light exposure Fills the “green gap” from traditional LED lighting Color Rendering between 85 and 90 (CCT dependent) CCT offering in 3500K and 4000K Minimal light in the region associated with “Blue Light Hazard” Factory calibrated for consistent color point Pinnacle Architectural Lighting offers BIOS Technology in the following fixtures: LiFT LiFT 2x2 Spec LiFT 2x4 Spec LiFT 1x4 Spec EDGE Evolution 3 EV3 Spec EDGE EX3 and EX3B EX3 Spec EX3B Spec LUCEN Lucen 2x2 Spec Lucen 2x4 Spec Lucen 1x4 Spec

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