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Life Cycle Thinking | SRI - Steel Recycling Institute

Life Cycle Thinking

Life Cycle Thinking Climate change and the responsible use of natural resources are among the main challenges in modern society. There is an increasing awareness that product design affects the overall environmental performance and efficiency of a product. Companies making products are paying closer attention to the product’s end-of-life, which is an increasingly important factor for consumers and material specifiers. To fully understand the environmental performance of materials and consumer products, the entire life cycle must be considered. Life cycle assessment (LCA) is a holistic approach to evaluating resources, energy, and emissions as well as potential environmental impacts from all life cycle stages, including the production of materials and products, transportation, product use and end-of-life. Steel is a major component material for a wide range of market applications and products, such as in the automotive, construction and packaging. Steel has life cycle advantages over competing materials because of its relatively low energy use, high recyclability, conservation of natural resources and the extensive re-use of by-products. Credible LCAs begin with robust, representative life cycle inventory (LCI) data. Since 1995, the World Steel Association (worldsteel) has been collecting LCI data for global and regional average steel products and the Steel Recycling Institute provides assistance and coordination of the data collection efforts in North America.

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