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Level 4 Bullet Resistant Barriers - Sporting Rifle Protection Panels | ArmorCore®

Level 4 Bullet Resistant Barriers

UL 752 Level 4 Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Most commonly used for protection against high-power hunting and sporting rifles, such as the 30-06, and the like, with muzzle energy of 2580-3120 foot-pounds (3498-4929J). NOMINAL WEIGHT: 13.9 lbs per square foot NOMINAL THICKNESS: 1 3/8” LEVEL 4 BULLET RESISTANT PERFORMANCE LEVEL: UL752 Standard for Bullet Resisting Equipment – Level 4 Paragraph 4.6 One Hour Fire Rating Per ASTM E119-98 ASTM F1233-98 Standard Test Method for Forced Entry Testing of Materials/Assemblies ASTM E 90-97, E 413-87, E 13320-90 Classifications for Sound Transmission Loss AMMUNITION TESTED: 180 grain (11.7 g) .30 caliber rifle lead core soft point, minimum velocity of 2540 fps

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