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Leading Auto Glass Manufacturers

Leading Auto Glass Manufacturers

The Glass industry is huge and there are various types of glasses which are produced specifically for a particular industry. There are many applications of glasses and based on the application the glass is developed. The auto industry is a huge industry and it is one of those industries where glass is used in abundance. The glass is an important aspect of an auto mobile particularly in cars the glass play an important role as far as beauty of the car is concerned. Similarly there are many technical reasons as well behind the utilization of glasses in the cars. Auto Glass Manufacturers: For automobile industry a specific type of glass is required and these glasses can only be produced by a proper automobile glass manufacturer. There are many such manufacturers throughout the world however as is the case in every field some companies stand out from others. In this article we plan to share with our readers some of the best auto glass manufacturing companies. These companies are as follows asahi-glass-logo-svgAsahi Glass Co: The Company has its origin in Japan and was established back in the year 1907. The AGC is now a huge group and today it has under its belt more than 50 companies that are spread over Asia and Europe. The current CEO of the company is Takuya Shimamura. The main products of the company are automotive glass, Optics, Electronic materials and Flat glass. Guardian: The Company has its Origin in USA and was established back in the year 1932.

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