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Laser fused stainless steel 3D shapes

Laser fused stainless steel 3D shapes

Stain­less Struc­turals prides itself for the qual­ity and ser­vice demanded by the most crit­i­cal of stain­less appli­ca­tions. Global lead­ers of indus­try require durable com­po­nents that deliver reli­a­bil­ity. Our pre­ci­sion engi­neered stain­less pro­files and fab­ri­cated com­po­nents deliver out­stand­ing ser­vice life and oper­a­tional longevity.

Our inter­na­tional pro­cess­ing facil­i­ties have the lat­est state of the art stain­less fab­ri­ca­tion equipment.

Cre­ative chal­leng­ing designs are our spe­cialty. We can pro­vide con­sis­tent pre­ci­sion mass pro­duc­tion through our laser lines in Stabio Switzer­land or Con­roe Texas. For the most chal­leng­ing com­po­nents, our facil­ity in Ros­tock, Ger­many is best suited to han­dle the job.

Our in house equip­ment includes a ¾” 60” wide cut to length/leveling line which allows us to bet­ter con­trol lead times. Also, a 2000 ton 40’ press brake, which sets us apart in the indus­try for formed stain­less pro­files and com­po­nents. We have laser cut­ting and fusion equip­ment in each man­u­fac­tur­ing facil­ity. In addi­tion to laser fusion, we can MIG, TIG and con­ven­tional weld. For com­pli­cated sec­tions or parts, we have a five-axis laser that is capa­ble of laser fusion as well as laser hybrid joining.

Final pro­cess­ing stages include machin­ing, grind­ing, shot blast­ing and passivating.
In con­trast to mass pro­duc­tion, we offer a pack­age of ser­vices, set to the prop­er­ties and quan­ti­ties of the cus­tomers together with Stain­less Struc­turals accord­ing to their needs.

The devel­oped and pro­duced cus­tomer designed stain­less steel pro­files and weld­ments always solve a very spe­cific man­u­fac­tur­ing or design prob­lem. We weld pro­files and com­po­nents for you from dif­fer­ent grades in the spe­cific dimen­sions of your choice. Our laser fused and welded pro­files, com­po­nents and assem­blies pro­vide plan­ners and design­ers new design alternatives.

Our capa­bil­i­ties include cus­tom and or com­plex plate fab­ri­ca­tion spe­cial­iz­ing in stain­less and alloy. Each facil­ity has dif­fer­ent capa­bil­i­ties. Give us your challenge and let us help you solve it.

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