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L-IP Router BACnetL-IP Router BACnet

L-IP Router BACnet

The LIP-ME201C, LIP-ME202C, and LIP-ME204C BACnet/‌IP Routers connect BACnet MS/‌TP channels to a BACnet/‌IP network. The BACnet routers are compliant with the standards ASHRAE 135‑2012 and ISO 16484‑5:2012. The routers can be configured to act as a BACnet Broadcast Management Device (BBMD). The L-IP BACnet/‌IP Routers also provide Foreign Device support. The BACnet router can act as a BACnet Time Master and as a BACnet MS/‌TP Slave Proxy. Extended features like the optional write protection of the BDT, a BACnet/‌IP Access Control List (ACL), and a simple communications test for BBMD help to locate issues on the network. The BACnet router also features remote MS/‌TP data packet capturing. BACnet MS/‌TP data packets are captured by the device and can be analyzed using Wireshark (free Protocol Analyzer, Wireshark can either connect to the L-IP online or the capture file is loaded from the L-IPs web server and analyzed offline in Wireshark. The complete device configuration of the BACnet router is done via the built-in web server, optionally also secured via HTTPS protocol.

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