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Kizen® FORCE

Kizen® FORCE is the all-purpose product of the Kizen product line. As a next generation hot melt adhesive for case and carton sealing and tray erecting applications, it is based on a unique water-white technology. Designed for strong bond performance, the Kizen product line as a whole works well on auto-feed systems by offering tack-free surfaces, ultra precise application and clean cut-off.

In particular, Kizen FORCE for case and carton sealing and tray erecting applications possesses outstanding thermal stability, aiding in low maintenance, char-free operations. Additionally, with low viscosity and high specific adhesion, it bonds well to traditionally difficult to bond to surfaces and offers ultra-precise drops.

Furthermore, Kizen FORCE is an ideal end of line packaging solution due to its enhanced performance capabilities over current adhesive options, such as EVAs and metallocenes.

As a result, this product is able to decrease downtime, boosting plant productivity and operational efficiencies.

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