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Kitchen Soapstone Countertops – Vermont Soapstone

Kitchen Soapstone Countertops

Kitchen Soapstone Countertops (802)263-5404 If you spent any time in high school chemistry class, you probably remember the Bunsen Burners… and the table they sat on. If you recall the table top, then this isn’t your first exposure to soapstone. Soapstone has been a staple in labs for ages because it’s extremely durable and impervious to virtually all chemicals. Your kitchen, bathroom… or whatever room you envision a soapstone countertop in… is likely a much friendlier environment than a lab. And, I’m guessing, a much more attractive one, too. Of the natural stone surfaces available these days, none has been time tested the way soapstone has. Unlike granite and marble, it’s nonporous and chemically neutral, so problem spills – red wine, lemon acid, tomato sauce, olive oil, and such – just aren’t a problem. The stone is also temperature neutral, so red hot cookware placed on top isn’t a problem either. Soapstone certainly has the performance track record to make it smart for home kitchen countertops. And, since you’re on our web site, it would appear that it’s already passed your aesthetics test.

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