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Airthinx AppAirthinx Web ConsoleHow does it work?

Internet-of-Things Platform

Building managers, employers, and residents access their data anytime, anywhere via the user-friendly app or the professional console on the web.  

  • App.  The App offers the ability for anyone to better understand their air quality in any environment in the most intuitive way. See the classification of the air quality (AQ) — Good, Moderate or Poor based on data collected by airthinx and advanced algorithms. You can easily identify parameters that contribute heavily to the deterioration of air quality, utilizing data trends and visual alerts. 
  • Web Console.  The enterprise-level console is web-based and designed with the professional in mind. It provides a plethora of tools for data analytics, alerts & notifications, device management, user management, collaboration tools between organizations and users, and the ability to view and manage 3rd party instruments in addition to airthinx devices for more comprehensive monitoring. 

airthinx introduces the third dimension of health and wellness allowing you to see the air you breathe

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