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Intelligent Surfaces™

DryWired® 101X is an easy-to-apply liquid coating solution ideal for protecting electronics from moisture and corrosion. The PFOS/PFOA-free fluoropolymer liquid chemistry relies on a proprietary C6 fluorocarbon to provide hydrophobic and oleophobic properties to electronic substrates.

The solution is easily applied by dip, spray, spin, flow, or syringe coat, and suspended in a non-toxic, non-flammable, hydrofluoroether solvent that is compatible with a variety of materials. Minimal to no masking is required depending on assembly configuration. 101X dries in seconds to a thin, transparent film with excellent anti-wetting properties against liquids including water, oil, and a variety of chemicals such as heptane, toluene and acetone. 101X is an excellent product for electronic manufacturers, assemblers, and contract coating facilities to provide an effective solution at a lower cost.

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