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Life cycle assessment software for Infrastructure | One Click LCA

Infrastructure projects Support

LCA Made Easy for Infrastructure projects Support for: CEEQUAL PAS 2080 Envision BREEAM Infrastructure Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) helps you quantify the environmental impacts of your infrastructure project in a reliable and objective manner. The result helps you make design and material choices with less time and money. As a numerical tool, it also supports benchmarking and comparing alternatives. The solution is in compliancy with the requirements of CEEQUAL 5.1, 5.2 and 4.1, and has been third party certified for compliancy with ISO and ENgeneral and construction-specific LCA standards. Life-cycle assessment has been growing in importance as a new framework and analysis tool for sustainability professionals to analyze the environmental impacts of the given project. Life-cycle assessment quantifies the impacts in various different environmental impact categories, including the Carbon Footprint or C02 footprint Automating LCA from your existing data makes this a very cost-efficient and powerful analysis, where the framework itself can be leveraged to optimize projects and make better design decisions. The web-based tool is very easy and efficient to use, according to our users. You can also import your existing data into the cloud service.Our ready-to-use modules ensure compliance with your system and make sure you follow specifications to the dot. Our team of engineers work rigorously to integrate all the possible data we can find into

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