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Industrial Applications - PureColor

Industrial Applications

The Industry Continues to Change. PureColor Keeps You Ahead of the Curve. PureColor is the stain of choice for demanding, high-volume industrial users. In addition to dependably consistent industrial-grade formulations that integrate seamlessly into any application process, PureColor’s patented Clean Chemistry™ eliminates the environmental and legislative issues that can cut into profits and complicate shipping and storage. We can help you switch existing lines to PureColor’s superior water-based stains and finishes so your production goes uninterrupted and your operation stays profitable. Industrial Grade Consistency PureColor's unique formulation ensures consistent colors from batch to batch. Your stain applicators can focus on what's in front of them without worrying about mixing and water ratios. Safety PureColor’s low VOC water-based formulations virtually eliminate the hazardous waste and combustible cleanup supplies produced by outdated solvent-based stains and finishes.This means your production and storage spaces stay safe. Your applicators can breathe easier knowing they aren’t inhaling dangerous fumes, and you will quickly come to appreciate other benefits as well. Storage PureColor stains ship in conveniently-sized containers that require a far-smaller footprint than solvent-based products. Our one-gallon boxes make mixing as easy as squeeze-and-stir while stacking in out-of-the-way corners.

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