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IceDeck Can be Placed Directly over Indoor Ice

IceDeck Can be Placed Directly over Indoor Ice

Homasote IceDeck is a structural panel that can be placed directly over indoor ice for temporary conversion of an ice rink for other activities. Once in place, a wooden floor can be placed on the IceDeck. Ice Deck. is also used for application over artificial turf, gymnasium floors and tennis courts as a temporary cover. The natural resiliency of Homasote Company's IceDeck help protect both the surface underneath it and the surface placed over it. IceDeck. is composed of two plies of Homasote® structural building board, bonded with a water-resistant glue under extreme pressure, processed with moisture-resistant ingredients, compressed into high-density structural panels 1" thick, then trimmed to size to form easy-handling 4' x 8' panels.

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