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The I-CON EDGE® water management system is an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard connecting you directly to your I-CON EDGE® compatible products. With the touch of the screen you can access detailed control and event logs on water usage from specific restroom locations throughout your facility as well as track maintenance activity on any electronic plumbing fixture connected to the I-CON EDGE® device network.

  • Manage the restroom water efficiency and maintenance of your entire facility from a single interface via the I-CON EDGE® device network
  • View data from the building, floor, restroom or fixture level, showing usage, water consumption, diagnostics and more
  • Produce analytics and data analysis to assist in alerting of troubled areas due to leaks, failing units, soiled fixtures and high water usage
  • Remotely modify program and unit settings at the building, floor, restroom and fixture level
  • Monitor real-time data and usage
  • Create predictive maintenance schedules based onhistorical and current usage
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