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Hydrogen Gas Purity Analyzer :: E/One Utility Systems - Environment One

Hydrogen Gas Purity Analyzer :: E/One Utility Systems - Environment One


Generator Gas Analyzer (GGA)

Purity, efficiency, and safety E/One Generator Gas Analyzer Systems

E/One's Generator Gas Analyzer for Hydrogen-Cooled Generators, available in stand-alone and portable configurations, or as part of a larger moniroting and control systemE/One's Generator Gas Analyzer (GGA) for hydrogen-cooled generators is a triple-range sensor/analyzer that provides continuous monitoring of gas purity during all phases of generator operation. We've taken a proven monitoring principle — thermal conductivity — and improved upon it. The result of E/One's development work is an extremely accurate, robust and stable system that eliminates the issues of drift and need for frequent recalibration seen in other thermal conductivity systems. E/One supplies GGA systems in a range of configurations, from stand-alone sensor/analyzers and retrofit "drop-in" replacement systems, to comprehensive hydrogen control cabinets that monitor gas purity, provide continuous monitoring of case and differential pressures and interact with plant control systems to assure the highest level of generator efficiency. Portable Gas Analyzer - E/One's Generator Gas Analyzer for Hydrogen-Cooled Generators in a portable configuration for non-hazardous areasE/One also offers a portable hydrogen gas analyzer (PGA). The PGA incorporates the same sensor/analyzer and system electronics found in E/One's other gas purity systems. The PGA is specifically intended for use in non-hazar

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