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HPD Public Repository - HPD Collaborative

HPD Public Repository

HPD Public Repository PLEASE NOTE: A Quality Control Protocol for Publishing HPDs to the HPD Public Repository is being implemented, effective December 11, 2017. This Protocol will assist us in ensuring that HPDs published to the HPD Public Repository meet the requirements for compliance, as stated in the HPD Open Standard. The Quality Control Protocol will apply to all published HPDs, version 2.1 and subsequent versions, and will include an initial review of all, already-published version 2.1 HPDs. For further information on the Quality Control Protocol, please click on this link. The HPD Public Repository is the authoritative source for published HPDs. When a manufacturer publishes an HPD using the HPD Builder, it is automatically uploaded to the Repository as a PDF file. HPDs that have been created by means other than the HPD Builder can also be uploaded to the Repository by the manufacturer. Once uploaded, an HPD is considered to be a “Public HPD.” Uploaded PDFs are then searchable and available to be downloaded by users – Architects, Designers, Project Teams, Property owners or any interested party. A simple search capability is available to aid in finding HPDs by Manufacturer, Product Name, CSI Classification or HPD version.

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