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binderholz Horsepellets make for a very sensible horse litter for both you and your four-legged friend! This product has been specially optimized for the needs of your horse and is recommended by Dr. Rüdiger Brems, Europe's most famous horse surgeon (!
The health and well-being of your horse are paramount. To protect it from respiratory disorders and allergies, binderholz Horsepellets are manufactured to be completely sterile. These pellets are made of wood fiber alone, without any additives, and are therefore a pure natural product. Expanding to their fivefold volume after a few days, they provide the optimum absorptive capacity, providing a comfortable, elastic bedding that is easy on the joints and significantly improves the stable climate.
Clearing out is quick and easy and the bedding only needs to be renewed occasionally, reducing the amount of manure by 50 percent and saving an enormous amount of time. binderholz Horsepellets are available in 15 kg bags, they can be delivered in conveniently sized volumes and stored outside. All this makes it the perfect product - not only for horses but for horse owners as well!

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