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natural fiber cellulose thermal/acoustic building insulation. no fiberglassNEW Fire Retardant Cellulose Batt Insulation - Novel Materials Science

NEW Fire Retardant Cellulose Batt Insulation - Novel Materials Science

DTE Material's has developed a cutting edge manufacturing process for modifying the anatomy of cellulosic fibers for use in acoustic/thermal insulation for commercial and residential buildings. During this process we increase the fibers' R-value, fire resistivity, acoustic properties, and are even able to extract valuable byproducts from our waste streams that are currently being used as precursor materials to biofuels, plastics, and carbon fiber. The motivation behind DTE Materials is to innovate the entire process for our products, from supply chain to waste reduction, to develop building materials that are high performing and health conscious without sacrificing the bottom line. Initial test results have shown superior performance to existing fiberglass and alternative forms of batt insulation.

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