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Heat Radiantly with Warm Floors

Heat Radiantly with Warm Floors Whether you want to heat your home radiantly with floors or ceilings or both, SSHC provides you with the best systems available. We sell heating cables for any type of floor: hardwood, slab or frame. The heating cables are easy to install; they can be installed on a room-by-room basis with kits in various wattages and voltages. The UL Listed cables are warranted for 10 years. With 3 layers of protective coating including a waterproof metallic shield, they are the thickest on the market today…meaning sturdy, long-lasting and resilient. Electric Radiant Floor Heating Eliminate cold floors with electric radiant flooring in one room or throughout your home. Floor heating can be used as primary or supplemental heat with other systems such as heat pumps. With radiant floor heat, the warmth stays near the floor providing comfort to occupants rather than collecting hot air at the ceiling. Radiant flooring warms people and objects directly, allowing thermostats to be set at lower settings. Rooms can be zone controlled with individual thermostats. For more information, visit Thermostats & Controls. The floor heating system is totally concealed, allowing full use of wall and floor space. Furniture may be placed in any area of the room, without regard to the heating system. There are no moving parts, exposed heating elements such as those in baseboards, no open flames that exist in gas and oil-fired furnaces or boilers, thus

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