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Product - Rhino Headers


The design of our engineered steel headers give you maximum versatility spanning up to 64 inch rough openings with three separate sizes. Our formed steel assembly can withstand uniform loads far greater than typical requirements. We only use high quality, G90 corrosion resistant steel and Rhino Headers are made in the USA! Even if you have never seen a Rhino engineered steel header before, you already know how to use it. From the first moment, it does what you expect. SH3 It’s lighter, faster, cheaper, easier to install and provides flexibility of installation size variations. Whether your application is a decorative exterior window or load bearing interior door, the SH3 will give you the performance you expect. That’s because it's legacy, a formed steel strut design is used in many high strength applications. The SH3 provides installation flexibility while reducing waste and providing exceptional insulation capabilities.

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