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Hannoband® 3E BG1 multi-functional window joint sealing tape

Hannoband® 3E BG1 multi-functional window joint sealing tape

Multi-functional all-in-one compressed joint sealing tape with patented moisture-adapting membranes to seal window joints with only one product. On the exterior the tape is driving rain tight, UV-resistant and vapor-open, in the center it provides thermal and sound insulation and on the interior it is extremely air tight. After the tape's installation, the polyurethane soft foam expands slowly in the joint and provides a durable joint sealing. Movements of building components – e. g. linked to temperature changes – are compensated even after many years.

- Passive House compliant!

- resistant to driving rain up to 22 psf

- airtight at 50 Pa in service certified by ift Rosenheim with 0.02 m³/(hm)

- moisture adapting μ-value (7-44) provides optimum moisture management in the joint

- thermal conductivity 0.297*in/h*ft²*F (λ = 0.0428 W/m.K) calculated for Passive House thermal bridges

- extremely sound absorbing - R ST,W max. 58 dB

- extremely low VOC’s: Emicode EC1 PLUS rated (< 5 TVOC [μg / m³])

- UV-resistant and B1 fire rated acc. to DIN 4102

HANNO - THE expert in joint sealing - trusted around the globe.