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Hannoband® BG1 exterior joint sealing tape for window, facade and roofing applications

Hannoband® BG1 exterior joint sealing tapes for window, facade and roofing applications

THE Original! Extremely durable Hannoband®-BG1 made of an acrylic dispersion impregnated polyurethane foam, which clearly exceeds the requirements for protection against driving rain, airtightness and resistance to weathering according to the highest European standard for joint sealant tapes DIN 18542:2009 (stress group 1) – fully tested & certified field installation after 15 years in service! Hannoband® is available in various dimensions so you can find the right tape for your specific joint width. Each tape has a determined tolerance range, which is specified on each roll. Typical tape joint dimensions are e.g. 1/4 -1/2″ and 3/8 - 5/8″. This gives peace of mind for not perfectly even joint dimensions!

- ASTM E283, ASTM E330, ASTM E331, ASTM E547, ASTM E84 certified by ATI / Intertek

- for heavy-duty primary and cross joints - applications: windows, facades, ACM panels and roofing

- UV-resistant

– UNIQUE: hurricane tested based on Miami Dade wind load protocol with uniform structural pressure up to 187 psf!

- resistant to driving rain up to 22 psf

- thermal conductivity 0.285 Btu*in/h*ft²*F (λ = 0.0412 W/m.K)

- joint sound insulation value up to R ST,W max. 59 dB possible

- air tightness a < 1.0

- flame retardant (ASTM E84 class A certified)

- certified 15 years free weathering performance

- available in black, grey and light grey

- no bleeding

- extremely low VOC’s: Emicode EC1PLUS tested (< 5 TVOC [μg / m³])

HANNO - THE expert in construction joint sealing - trusted around the globe!