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Hanno® Clima-Tect®Hanno® Clima-Tect®

Hanno® Clima-Tect®

Hanno® Clima-Tect® The ideal solution for the closing of cable openings in false floors of data centres False floors in data centres are normally used for the cabling of network cabinets. The problem here is that a larger part of the cold air which is required for the cooling of the server escapes through the cable openings. Hanno® Clima-Tect® offers the ideal solution: The amount of air loss can be reduced by 99.9% if the line or cable openings in false floors are closed off using Hanno® Clima-Tect®, instead of leaving them open. Fast, efficient, inexpensive and easy to subsequently install during ongoing operations, the panels normally pay for themselves after around one month. These do not increase the fire load in data centres as is the case with brush systems or cable bags!

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