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Handheld Germicidal UVC Surface Decontamination Solutions

Handheld Germicidal UVC Surface Decontamination Solutions

Hand-held Solutions Put the power of Steril-Aire ultraviolet light technology right in your hands. If you are concerned about the health and safety of your employees, customers or patients, protect them with the precision engineering and science of Steril-Aire UVC/UVGI. Hospitals, food processing plants, cleanrooms, schools, libraries and laboratories all over the world rely on Steril-Aire handheld UVC surface decontamination products to reduce the hospital acquired infections (HAIs), cross-contamination, absenteeism, product loss and more caused by mold, bacteria and viruses. Our high output UVC handheld products are independently proven to decontaminate surfaces of mold, bacteria and viruses safely, effectively and cleanly, with no ozone or secondary contaminants.

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