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Halio- The World's Most Advanced Natural Light Management System

The new standard for green, healthy, and responsive building design.

Halio includes everything you need to create indoor environments that respond to the needs of the people  inside.  Halio comes with all the components necessary to operate as a standalone system – from the IGU configurations for facades and options for interior partitions, electrical component cabinets, and desktop and mobile applications to the wall-mounted controls.

Halio also comes equipped with backup power to ensure that your windows continue to tint or clear as you wish, even if your home or building loses power. Users have multiple control options: sleekly designed wall mounted switches, mobile app, a desktop application, or voice commands. Your choice. 

Halio is easy to install and integrates seamlessly with building and home automation systems.

Once the glass is installed using tried and true installation methods, getting the system up and running is virtually automatic. No equipment or installation manuals needed – just a mobile app that takes the guesswork out of ensuring all the systems are communicating properly. The Halio app auto-configures, tests, and troubleshoots the system as it’s being installed. If you already have a home or building automation system in place, Halio becomes the "thoughtful collaborator."  

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