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For more than 47 years, Englert has been providing painted gutter coil with the best reputation in the industry for consistency of quality and performance. We hold our suppliers to the strictest of standards and employ a rigorous qualifying process in selecting new sources.

Our 3105 unpainted aluminum coil is 99% recycled. Of the recycled content, 79.2% is post-consumer. The remaining 19.8% is pre-consumer. One hundred per cent of the aluminum is recyclable. This exceeds the minimum standards for U.S. Green Building Council LEED credits.

Englert produces and paints all of its k-style and specialty gutter coil right in its own production facilities on the most modern, environmentally advanced paint line in the world. This ensures the customer of a consistency of color and product quality no matter when the product is made. Stock colors are packaged and carefully stored on a state-of-the-art racking system, then transported via Englert’s own fleet of tractor trailers around the country to company field service centers where they are prepped as full or prepackaged 150 foot LF coils for customer delivery or pickup.

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