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Guardian® Paver SystemGuardian® Paver System

Guardian® Paver System

Guardian® Paver System Guardian Paver System High wind and severe site conditions require an outstanding paver system. Hanover® has developed the Guardian® Paver System especially for the most severe conditions, which require an elevated roof paver pedestal system. This system creates a monolithic paver surface which provides high wind uplift resistance. Guardian® is made up of a unique 3 piece Guardian® Pedestal and a specially shaped Guardian® Paver that, together, “lock down” and unitize the entire roof paver surface, preventing horizontal and vertical movement. The Guardian® Pedestal has a square top that allows its bolt to pass through to a base beneath, fitting into a recessed grooved portion of the Guardian® Paver. U.S. Patent #6,604,330 and Canadian Patent 2,409,312. Specially designed for high wind uplift resistance Horizontal and vertical paver movement is prevented Based on Florida's Building Code TAS 108 test, Guardian® will provide a wind uplift resistance of -81.1 psf. 4 Guardian® Paver sizes available: 18" x 36", 24" x 24", 24" x 36" (scored only) and 30" x 30"[ PAVER SIZE CHART ] 18" x 36" (with or without score) and 24" x 36" Scored Guardian® Pavers are available[ VIEW CONTENT ] 1/8 paver joint is maintained Wide range of colors and textures[ VIEW COLORS ] Made of high density polyethlene[ POLY PROPERTIES ] Guardian® Pedestal is available in Hanover's standard paver colors Compatible with other Hano

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