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GS-20 Environmental Innovation

GS-20 identifies innovative environmental initiatives and recognizes environmental benefits of leadership products, services, processes, and technologies (collectively referred to as "initiatives"). This standard is intended for initiatives that are not covered by existing Green Seal standards.

Two types of recognition are available from Green Seal under this standard:

(1) GS-20 certification may be granted to innovative initiatives. 
(2) Validation of the specific environmental benefits of initiatives that are not considered innovative.

GS-20 establishes a framework for evaluating the environmental benefits of commercially available products, services, processes, or technologies. The evaluation includes two major steps: a comparison of the initiative to mainstream offerings that provide the same function, and a verification that the initiative delivers significant environmental benefits.

Environmental and human health impacts will be assessed for each initiative; multiple attributes will be considered at key stages of the life-cycle. These impacts will then be compared to the equivalent impacts from other products that provide the same function. The reduced environmental and human health impacts will be considered against the major tradeoffs that may occur to ensure that the net environmental benefits are significant.

In the first stage of the evaluation, Green Seal will establish leadership requirements for the relevant category, and publish them for public comment. For the second stage, each applicant will have the option to review these requirements and decide whether to apply for a review of their application against the requirements established in the first stage.

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