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Greenstamp Weatherizes Homes: Basements, Attics, Crawlspaces

Greenstamp Weatherizes Homes

Weatherize Your Home or Building Greenstamp helps contractors and home owners weatherize existing homes or structures. Weatherization comprises a comprehensive series of energy efficiency measures that are based on sophisticated analyses of individual homes. Analyses include, air leakage, air quality, and humidity/moisture level throughout the home and in specific areas. Greenstamp takes a whole-house approach to analyzing energy efficiency in the home. We can conduct tests and assessments, specifically, blower door tests to measure a building or home’s “airtightness” and to locate air leakage and potential moisture seepage sites. The blower door test is a proven, objective means to identify air leaks in a home. It removes the guesswork of weatherizing and improving a building’s efficiency and comfort. In addition to walls, windows and doors, most common trouble areas include: Roofs / attics Basements Crawlspaces Ducts Once leaks are found, Greenstamp works with contractors and home owners on the best insulation solutions to address the problems.

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