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Green Live Moss Roofs

Green Live Moss Roofs

Moss Mat Green Roof Systems Moss Acres has now furnished moss for several green rof projects. These have been successfully installed utilizing a variety of different methods, however moving forward we are focused on utilizing our pre-grown moss mat system atop a drainage/water storage layer combined with a soaker hose(s) as desired. Please call us at 866 GET MOSS or by email at to discuss your project in detail. The benefits of using moss for green roofs are numerous: 1) Lightweight – Ideal for green roofs on buildings with load bearing constraints 2) Lower Cost - Moss mats are shipped dry and are very easy to transport, handle, and install. The material, labor and staging expense savings can be significant. 3) Low Maintenance - Moss requires no fertilization, pesticides or even watering to survive. Moss has no roots and receives all nutrients and moisture through it’s leaves from rainfall. 4) Water Retention & Insulating Properties – Green roof systems comprised of moss mats and a water retention underlayment combine for significant storm water holding capacity, protect the roofing membrane, and provide significant insulating capabilities. 5) Versatile: Sun or Shade - Various species of moss are available on our mats for most any type of living roof location – from full sun to full shade. 6) Appearance - The vibrant shades of green produced by moss make it an ideal choice for any green roof design.

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