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Green Design for Manufacturers and OEMs | Accurate PerforatingGreen Design for Manufacturers and OEMs | Accurate Perforating

Green Design for Manufacturers and OEMs | Accurate Perforating

Let us help your designs grow with Green Design concepts. Eighty percent of a product’s life cycle impact is determined during its design. Sustainable product standards were created to guide manufacturers in creating a cost-efficient and more environmentally sound product. Accurate Perforating understands that a well designed product can consume less energy and resources in its creation, and can last generations with the lowest overall environmental impact. We can collaborate with you to help design and deliver a product that not only meets sustainable design standards, but also is better for the environment. Accurate can provide materials and components with: A lower carbon footprint through material reduction and regionally sourced materials High recycled content 100% recyclable materials A low-VOC, high-durability finish Maximum lifespan providing a lower total energy and resource costs Thinking green in the design stage has multiple ecological and economic benefits across the supply chain. The business benefits are extensive, too: cost savings, design innovation, product differentiation, long-term customer relationships and liability reduction are just a few. Metal is a very green material. Steel mills prefer to use recycled content instead of raw material that requires labor- and energy-intensive processing. Most metal today is made from at least 60 percent recycled content. The metal we use contains up to 85 percent recycled content

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