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The GreaseShield is a proactive grease recovery unit which offer the cost saving solution to the drain line blockages caused by Fats, Oils and Greases produced from commercial kitchens.  

The superior operational and environmental benefits can be summarised as:-

The Best Greasetrap in the World – automatically removes Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG’s) to less than 100 ppm.

User Friendly - No need for staff to access the internal of the machine.

Odour Free, Self-Emptying and Self Cleaning.

Award Winning Modular Technology; Small, compact and easily installed.

Saves money by eliminating frequent pumping costs and grease trap cleaning.

Saves money - no need to purchase enzymes or biological agents, or clean and pump grease trap or pump stations.

Lowest energy consumption in its class - no heating element – minimal carbon footprint.

No heating Element – no FOG fire risk.

Eco friendly, sustainable design - 99% recyclable.

Harvests a source of renewable energy reducing CO2 emissions and avoiding loss of a renewable energy source caused by pumping out greasetraps

Protects the environment by protecting the drainage and watercourse systems.


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