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There are very few things worse than having a septic tank back up into your home. The stench is awful, the cleanup is difficult, and you’re likely to lose some of your valued possessions. Not only that, but unless you’re careful during cleanup, you actually run the risk of contact with dangerous bacteria and viruses. It’s absolutely necessary to keep your septic tank and grease trap in good repair.

Fortunately, most septic tank problems can be avoided by following some very simple precautions. The first and most important step involves being careful about what you dispose of in your toilets and sinks. Improper disposal of items that cannot break down in a septic tank is the number one cause of septic tank failure.


Here are a few things that should never, ever, ever be flushed or disposed down the drains into a septic system:

  • Kitty litter, coffee grounds, hair, and nail clippings.
  • Disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, and condoms.
  • Paper towels, grease, and fats.
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