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GrayWolf’s DirectSense TOX advanced, portable Toxic Gas Meter (multi-gas monitor)

GrayWolf’s DirectSense TOX advanced, portable Toxic Gas Meter (multi-gas monitor)

GrayWolf's AdvancedSense, DirectSense or WolfPack TOX multi-gas meters combine the latest available electrochemical gas sensor technology with the advanced capability of mobile coputer. GrayWolf toxic gas monitors harness the power of our embedded computer meters and mobile PCs to significantly improve your toxic gas test and reporting capability. SO2 NO2 NO CO NH3 H2S HCN HCl H2 O2 O3 EtO Cl2 SiH4 F2 AsH3 B2H4 PH3 ClO2 CCl2O HF Portable Toxic Gas Monitor Select from one up to 5 gas sensors, plus temperature, in a single probe. Options for VOCs, Formaldehyde, Airflow, Particle Counts, CO2, %RH and more with additional probes Plug in multiple probes (up to 4) simultaneously into a single meter Connect to a GrayWolf supplied embedded PC instrument, WIN 8 Tablet or to your own WIN XP/7/8 Notebook/Desktop PC Log portable spot measurements, or trend log (unattended) over hours/days/weeks Store enhanced survey information; data, text, audio notes and more... Auto-attach photos, videos, calibration details and more to data files On-board sensor tips; government & industry guidelines, cross-sensitivity info and more... Desktop data transfer and reporting software is included. Click here for more information on software Optional Advanced Report Generator software makes detailed report production ultra-efficient Optional GrayWolfLive™webhosting enables remote access via WiFi to

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