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GOEFER – The easiest way to save on electricity!

GOEFER – The easiest way to save on electricity!

The Problem: A building's energy efficiency is contained within three opportunities: heating and air conditioning, lighting, and plug load. All of these buildings are using 85+ year old technology that doesn't allow you to verify the costs of your energy. The mere volume of plugs and the variables of people connected with those plugs creates a daunting and unscalable model for success. When you view the problem through the lens of sustainability and connect that view with innovative technology, a system for success is possible. GOEFER is that system.

The Solutio: Every building and client are different, so providing a solution that works everywhere is quite a challenge. We combine state-of-the-art energy products and our software to provide a turn-key solution, giving you precise control and detailed analytics on the who, what, when, where, and how-much of your energy use.

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