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Glynn-JohnsonGlynn-Johnson : overhead door holder specialist

Glynn-Johnson : overhead door holder specialist

Known throughout the industry as the “overhead door holder specialist,” Glynn-Johnson has made its name with state-of-the-art manufacturing and technology. Our portfolio also includes a full line of push/pull latches that are ideal for healthcare applications. Delivering both superior quality and exceptional performance, Glynn-Johnson products are offered in a wide variety of popular finishes and configurations providing the flexibility needed to meet the most demanding door control applications. Mechanical-Accessories Mechanical Accessories Clear All 100 Series Holders and Stops The 100 Series is a heavy-duty concealed overhead hold-open and stop preventing door, frame or hardware damage. Furnished with an offset-style jamb bracket Long-lasting door frame and hardware protection 90 Series Holders and Stops The 90 Series is a robust hold open and stop overhead designed for heavy duty applications. Easily adjustable in the field Long-lasting protection for doors, frames and hardware 510 & 550 Series Holders and Stops The 510/550 Series are the most adjustable overhead holder and stop in the industry for heavy duty applications. Field adjustable for 24-48" width of doorway and functions Long-lasting protection for doors, frames, and hardware 81 Series Holders and Stops The 81 Series heavy-duty hold open features and stops provide the most effective shock-absorbing capacity, helping to

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