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Glass Types and Modern Architecture - Sage Glass TechnologyGlass Types and Modern Architecture - Sage Glass Technology

Glass Types and Modern Architecture - Sage Glass Technology

he importance of glass can never be negated and it is a fact that all the major industries of the world use glass in some capacity. In many products the glass is the main quality determinant, for example the tableware and technological equipment like smartphones. In fact the truth is that while manufacturing the IPhone, Steve jobs contacted corning for the preparation of special glasses which he wanted to use in the screen of his IPhone. In this article our purpose is to share with our readers some of the glass types which are effectively used in the modern architecture industry. Architecture and Glass: The link of glass with architecture is historical. If you see the centuries old houses of roman culture then you will get fascinated by the glass work in these houses. The trend continues even today and modern day residential buildings are not complete without the application of glass in some form. Nowadays even the exterior of the building contains glass instead of granite and bricks etc. some of the reasons why glass is utilized in architecture is as follows Its adds beauty and appeal of artistic nature It is more durable

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