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Glass Making: A Brief Insight - Sage Glass TechnologyGlass Making: A Brief Insight - Sage Glass Technology

Glass Making: A Brief Insight - Sage Glass Technology

Glass is a material which holds a lot of importance today and this is a huge industry nowadays. There are several types of glasses which are being produced nowadays with each type providing a unique value proposition. There are a variety of applications of glass nowadays. Some of these applications are discussed in the heading below. Glass Application: There are many areas where glass are utilized nowadays, listing all those areas would not be possible for us however some of the major areas are as follows Glass is widely used in packaging of jars, flacon, pharmaceuticals and bottles etc. Glass is also utilized in renewable energybigstock-d-rendering-of-an-optic-fiber-17088191 Different tableware is prepared through glass such as plate, cups, glasses (drinking) and bowls etc. The modern day fiber optic cables also consist of glass Glass is a common feature in modern day buildings as well as houses. Glasses are commonly seen in facades and windows etc. Glass is also applied in various medical technologies Glass is a common feature in interior designs such as lighting, mirrors, tables and partitions Automotive industry uses glass extensively such as in backlights etc.

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