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ABX 2016

ABX 2016

The MakeTank demonstration pavilion highlights a unique approach to crowdsourced digital fabrication and material research.  The team strived to push the boundaries of conventional computer modeling and analysis while simultaneously coupling it with physical prototyping and experimentation of new material applications.  This cross-pollination of digital and analog environments facilitated the production of a flexible structure that has the ability to accommodate different forms, functions, and responses to environmental stimuli.

Each composite joint is made of urethane, embedded styrene, and acetyl which connect a network of plywood staves.  The material properties of each node allows for a seemingly standard (mass produced) connection to act as a custom component; accepting and redirecting variable angles, rotations, and forces.  This is a decidedly different approach to mass customization of many unique components in favor of a singular product with enhanced performance.

The pavilion is a direct commentary on advancing composite material applications as much as it is about community-sourced design.  The name of the project, “Results May Vary,” is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the many possibilities of flexible structures, composite fabrication, material research, as well as collaboration and communication among the open-source design community.  

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