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Generator Condition Monitor for Hydrogen-Cooled Generators :: E/One Utility Systems - Environment One


Generator Condition Monitor – Explosion-Proof Design (GCM-X) Generator hotspots can cause catastrophic failure E/One Generator Condition Monitor - Explosion-proof design

Corrective action prompted by early warning of generator overheating can mean the difference between a brief shutdown for minor repairs and a major overhaul involving weeks or even months of costly downtime. E/One pioneered the development of the Generator Condition Monitor (GCM) and in more than 1,500 applications worldwide, operators have the opportunity of taking corrective action if and when a critical situation occurs.

Building on more than three decades of proven field experience, and incorporating international requirements for hazardous area locations, the Generator Condition Monitor-Explosion-Proof Design (GCM-X) assures a new level in generator performance, reliability, and safety.

How the GCM-X Works Predictive maintenance is an essential tool in electric power generation. The GCM-X uses real-time detection to give early warning of generator overheating and potential failure. High concentrations of submicron particles (pyrolytic products) are produced whenever any materials within the generator are heated sufficiently to produce thermal decomposition. These "hotspots" can lead to catastrophic failure if not detected in a timely manner. When present in hydrogen, pyrolytic products are quickly detected by the sensitive ion chamber of the GCM-X. The GCM-X warns of impendin

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