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Garden Roof Assembly

Garden Roof Assembly

From the roof membrane up through the plants, at American Hydrotech we understand that a vegetated roof needs to function first as a roof, keeping the structure watertight, and at the same time provide an environment conducive to the vegetation. In our Garden Roof Assemblies we accomplish this by incorporating the very best in moisture protection, proven vegetated roof technology and experience. Learn more about why a Hydrotech Garden Roof Assembly is the ideal solution for your next vegetated roof project Extensive - Designed to be lightweight and support hardy plants, this option is considered low maintenance, with no irrigation required in most climates. This is an excellent choice if your objective is to mitigate the effects of urban heat islands and reduce stormwater run-off. Intensive - Deeper media depths are required to support a wide variety of plants, shrubs and trees. Often designed to be accessible for recreational use, this comes as close as you can get to replicating your yard or garden on the roof. Irrigiation and regular maintenance are necessary. Lawn (Semi-Intensive) - Still considered a lightweight assembly, but with a slightly deeper media depth, and designed to support sod lawns and perennials. Irrigation will depend on the plant choices and climate. Generally accessible by adjacent hardscape areas, such as a patio, beautiful additional usable space can be created.

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