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Natural Stone Building Veneer - Full Bed Stone VeneerFull Bed Stone Veneer

Full Bed Stone Veneer

Building Veneer It has several names: Building Veneer, 4-Inch Veneer, Full Bed Veneer… call it what you will but natural building stone veneer is the “original building material”. Think back to the days when stone structures were built simply by stacking stone on top of stone. This is the foundation of the stone veneer industry. Square Building Veneer CT Blend Roughly Square & Rec Building Veneer We have come a long way since then and as thinstone veneer continues to grow in popularity there is plenty of interest in real building stone veneer. Building veneer has many applications but we commonly see it used for structural purposes, retaining walls, new construction, or if it’s simply preferred by the builder. Full Bed & Building Stone Veneer Specs Delgado Stone Distributors offers an extensive selection of building stone (or Full Bed Veneer) products. Almost every thinstone product we offer is available in building veneer. Here are the *specifications for our building (full bed) veneer: Approximately 3″-5″ thickness This product is palletized and sold by the ton 1 ton provides approximately 35-40sf of coverage Available in all five (5) patterns + Whole Rounds Stone Retaining Wall

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