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Since 1944, the New England Forestry Foundation has been dedicated to promoting the sound and sustainable management of our region’s private forestlands. Today, we hold over 140 forests totaling more than 27,000 acres, which demonstrate sustainable forestry for wood, wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and education. Our woodlands are certified by the American Tree Farm System® and also certified to Forest Stewardship Council™ standards. By passing these environmental audits, NEFF meets the principles and criteria that describe how the forest is managed to meet the social, economic, ecological, and cultural needs of present and future generations. We invite you to learn more about our dedication to sound forest stewardship.


Foresters are a key link in the sustainable management of New England’s forests. They work closely with forest landowners to meet their objectives, plan for a healthy, vibrant forest, and advise in timber harvesting. Although there is normally a long timeline to see the fruition of their work, New England Forestry Foundation can now help foresters see the results of potential harvesting operations in real time through a new tool imported from the forests of Europe.

Working with an innovative field training tool called the Marteloscope, foresters can “mark” a forest stand according a certain prescription and get almost immediate economic and environmental results of their work. This allows foresters to investigate and discuss different approaches to tree selection and stand management. It will also facilitate comparisons of the benefits of different management techniques. This tool will also prove useful for those foresters in outreach positions as a method of communicating the complexity of forestry decision-making to landowners.

Our Forestry Innovation Initiative is focused on introducing and testing new forestry tools and training techniques with professional foresters. The Initiative also includes research on New England Forestry Foundation’s demonstration forests, to answer management questions relating to subjects such as climate change, biomass harvesting, and invasive pests.


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