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FO-V2344/FO-V2348 | Single Sided Thermal Break Tape | ECHOtape

FO-V2344/FO-V2348 | Single Sided Thermal Break Tape

FO-V2344/FO-V2348 Single Sided Thermal Break Tape ECHOtape’s Thermal Break Tape is designed for construction professionals who want to reduce thermal bridging on outer and inner framing in metal buildings. Used primarily in the installation of metal building panels and prefabricated wall panels, this tape is applied over the top of purlins or on girt flanges to act as a barrier or flash break between the outer shell and inner framing. This tape adheres strongly to both smooth and rough surfaces including corrugated metal. The paper release liner protects the adhesive from contaminants when the tape needs to be cut to specific lengths for use in tight spaces ensuring a strong bond once applied.